How do I set up my account?

Simply enter your mobile number, full name and select a username of 30 characters or less – you'll then receive a short verification number from us by SMS – enter this number and you're all set and ready to start having fun creating and privately sharing photos with those closest to you.

Why do you ask for my mobile number?

We wish to create a private and safe social network – mobile telephone numbers offer a more secure threshold to achieve this than email addresses or Facebook login.

How do I block another person?

Go to the contacts screen within the app, slide left across their name to reveal the block tab and tap accordingly.

Can I deactivate my account?

Not at this time – although we may add this feature in the future. For the time being, you can log out of the app – meaning a password will need to be entered to log back in.

Why can't I see read message receipts?

We think those 3 little bubbles in iMessage invade the privacy of the sender and create unnecessary anxiety.

Are location services used within lenslife?

They are, but you will be asked before you send your first photo whether you wish to turn them off. After that, you may turn them on or off via the settings screen in lenslife.

What are peek moments/messages?

These are ephemeral (meaning of limited life span) moments that burn away after the expiry of 1, 3, 6 or 12 seconds as decided on by the creator of the moment.

Is there a cost involved with using lenslife?

No, the app is free to download and enjoy, although the sending and receiving of images may require usage of your cellular data plan if your phone is not connected to the internet by wi-fi.

How do I add and search for people?

We ask that you allow us access to your phone's address book, and then use this list to identify friends of yours who are already using lenslife.

We will never spam your friends.

How do I change my password?

Go to the profile screen in the app, tap on change password and add your new password.

How do I change my username?

You can't at present – if you wish to have a different username, you'll need to create a new account.

How do I report a person who I think is behaving inappropriately?

Please send us an email at

What action might be taken if someone violates the terms of use?

At our discretion, that person may have their account frozen, or deleted or they may be banned from using lenslife.

Why have I been banned?

In the event you've been banned, we will contact you and may let you know the reason.

How do I delete a moment/message once it has been sent?

In the conversation stream view, you should long press on the circle of the image you wish to delete, which interaction will take you to a gallery of all your images in that conversation stream – then simply swipe up, to delete your copy of the image, or swipe down to delete your copy of the image, together with the copies stored on lenslife with the other friends you shared it with via that conversation stream.

Note swiping down only works on images you have created – you can't delete all copies of images friends have sent you.

How do I delete a conversation stream?

On the private life conversation screen, swipe left to scroll the image circles along until you view the red circle, containing the trash can icon. Tap on that button, and then choose whether to delete all the photos in that conversation stream from lenslife just on your phone, or whether to do both that and delete all the photos you sent in that stream from the recipients too.

Why can't I link through Facebook?

Historically, there have been problems with fake Facebook accounts, so we'd rather you find real people you know through your address book.

Why is my phone number already in lenslife?

If your phone number is recognised by us, this means someone has used it to create a lenslife account.

Why am I being punished?

'Peek' messages are intended to be ephemeral, so the taking of screenshots of them is naughty – cheating on your friend's wishes – so if you do this more than once, your friend will have the opportunity to delete one of the moments you've caught and shared on lenslife.

If someone punishes me, does it delete photos from my camera roll?

No – lenslife is intended to be fun, and we know that there may be some moments that are very precious to you – so punishment only deletes photos from within 'lenslife', not from the camera roll.

How do the filters work?

There are 9 available filters, of which you can select your favourites from within the 'settings' screen to have ready for you in the screen after you've captured your moment - you may change these selections at anytime from the 'settings' screen.


Can I transfer my account and its history to a new phone?

Not yet, but we're working on adding this functionality.

Can I download my history?

Not at this time, but we may introduce this feature in the future. You can save photos you take using lenslife to the camera roll on your phone, just go to the settings screen and turn this on.

How can I invite my friends to join lenslife?

Quickly and easily invite your friends to join lenslife by SMS or email, by simply going to the contacts screen in the app and tapping the + icon to import your address book if you haven't already (we will never spam your friends).

Your address book is then imported (but no one is automatically messaged) - tapping the invite button next to your friend's name presents you with the ability to invite via SMS and/or email, depending on what contact details exist in your phone for that person.

Can I recover deleted items?

No – once an item has been deleted, it cannot be recovered.

How do I use group moments?

On the 'send to' screen, simply tap on the 'create group' option at the top of your contacts - then select all those individuals you'd like to be in that group from the list on the contacts screen, and then choose a name for the group – that will create a new group you can share moments with.

Alternatively, on the contacts screen, tap on the + and select 'create group' before proceeding to complete the above steps.

Is there a limit to the number of members per group chat?

There's a limit of 50 members per group.

How do I leave a group chat?

On the contacts screen, swipe across the group name to reveal 'leave'.

How do I block someone?

On the contacts screen, swipe across the person's name to reveal 'block'.

What's the difference between blocking and leaving?

Blocking someone means that they can no longer send any photos or comments, either individually or via a group, to you through lenslife.

Leaving a group means you will no longer receive any content shared in that group, but doesn't prevent members of that group from still sending you moments directly, or via including you in a new group.

What does muting do?

Muting a person or group means you will still receive photos and comments through that conversation, but you will not receive push notifications informing you of the new content.

technical difficulties - internet/wifi connection

I can't connect to the app?

You most likely do not have a data connection.

This may be because you don't have cellular data turned on for the phone, you being out of range of your cellular carrier's network or your having exhausted your cellular data allowance with your carrier for that month whilst the phone is not connected to a wi-fi network.

To rectify try connecting via a wi-fi connection, turning cellular data back on via the separate 'Settings' app on your phone or contacting your cellular provider to purchase a further data allowance.

Why are my messages not being sent?

If you have no data connection, your messages cannot be sent – you may keep taking moments, which will be stored on your phone for you to send later when your phone restores an internet connection through wi-fi or your cellular data plan.

Is the lenslife app available on other platforms apart from Apple?

Not for now – but we're planning on building for Android, so register your email address with us at the bottom of our Home page and we'll let you know as soon as we release it.