about us

We live in an image-centric world, one where visual stimulation is paramount – it's no wonder people love sharing photos! That said, such a voyeuristic existence doesn't lend itself to safeguarding one's privacy.

So, therein lies the problem... We found ourselves sharing an increasing number of our photographed memories through direct messengers like WhatsApp, iMessenger and Kik, only to then find that these moments get lost in translation when reviewed, out of context, within these apps' media storage systems.

The lenslife mobile application is a new type of image-centric direct messenger, one that allows you to engage in visual conversations, and control how widely you broadcast each photo you choose to share.

We also acknowledged that human error is an unfortunate part of any social interaction, such that it can sometimes be detrimental to your reputation. Some moments you immediately regret on sharing, others are either too trivial or too risque to share permanently – not to worry, we've got you covered!

In the spirit of giving our users ultimate control over their content, you have the ability to remote delete moments in time, and punish recipients who cheat you by capturing a screenshot of your peek moments.

Our vision is to ultimately bring people closer together, by enabling them to control how and with whom they share their lives, always keeping in mind everyone's right to privacy.

We're a small team based in Sydney, Australia, and part of our motivation in building a consumer company more usually associated with Silicon Valley and California was to highlight the excellence of the technical talent pool available in this outpost of the world.